“The dance is the mother of the arts. Music and poetry exist in time; painting and architecture in space. But dance lives at once in time and space”-Quote by Curt Sachs

I have slowly come to learn that the world is truly interconnected. Philosophy, arts and science though separate in form and content ,the ideas in one form contribute to the formation of theories in the other.

I have been an arts aficionado for as long as I can remember. My…

The Black Hairclip

Ammmaaaa!35-year-old Anu yelled as she was getting ready to work, I need my black hairclip its missing. Anu always wore this black hairclip whenever she had important meetings or events in her life. It was gifted to her by her mother on her 16th birthday and till…

Wailing sounds of sirens fill the dead silence of night

Deserted roads, deserted hopes

Dreary news the charts are relentless the curves don’t flatten!

This disease makes no distinction the rich or the poor, the privileged and otherwise all share the same fate

For no amount of money can provide precious breath

Oxygen is more precious than gold, every minute counts

Masks and hospital gowns

Health care workers and doctors, they are our heroes

The armed forces armed with responsibility, milling around like bees

Ensuring safety and serenity

Eye of the storm

In the midst of chaos, a tree blooms

A good Samaritan sacrifices his life for another

These stories will prevail and shall be retold for generations further

That in the end kindness, courage and sacrifice matter

Little Anita was the darling of her parents. A powerhouse of logic and determination, she craved constant banter. Her house was always full of intelligent debates, her father held a high post in the parliament, her mother a gentle lady had a PhD in public relations. Childhood for Anita was…



The arts are an interdisciplinary field, one feeding off the other. The principles of physics and laws of nature apply to all creatures human and otherwise. The rhythmic movement of the planets, the cyclical nature of weather, the famous golden ratio dictating and rendering…

One more brick( a poem)

Pay homage to your dreams

Chase those sunbeams

Illuminate your soul and senses

Rise and shine, awaken the inner Goddess

Struggle through the struggle

For in the struggle there are lessons

Chance meetings and new greetings

Weaving a tapestry of dreams

Embrace and destroy the walls of resistance

For when these walls fall

The strong ones are built

They are the pillars of grit

Helping you achieve your dreams bit by bit

Old ways come to say hi, like a lost friend

Gently but firmly wish them goodbye

New ways await, waiting to become familiar

Just out of reach ,but oh so near

One step at a time , dear one

One swift leap of faith

The glistening castle that came up overnight

Was torn down and rebuilt over many nights

A Devoted Father

A cherubic man with a warm smile, raven hair and lustrous skin, he was like any other middle-class man in possession of a house a car bought on a car loan and a lovely wife with two kids. He was always happy; it may seem that he…


A plate of delicious food

Cooked with love

Reminds me that my cup overfloweth

The food critic:

Peering down from his thick rimmed glasses, his deep grey eyes surveyed the details of the dessert platter, the presentation was fine but something about the crème brulee seemed little out of place. Wiping his fine hands on his apron, he took another bite of the dessert…

Mrudula Venkatachalam

"Creativity takes courage"_ Henri Matisse

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