Sara froze , this was her moment , she worked hard for a whole year for these few minutes, nonetheless she was blank, the heat of stage lights started to form sweat droplets. She was expected to dance and wow her judges yet all she could feel was a nervous tinge. The music sounded familiar ,yet all that she had learnt had disappeared , standing like a ticking time bomb she decided she had to improvise . She had a good sense of rhythm and used that to make steps, she combined different dance forms and used steps to match the rising crescendo of the music and finally ended with a strong pose.

Her judges were impressed yet not very happy, she hadn’t followed the rules and one was to adhere to strict protocols, she had digressed , yet created beauty. The audience cheered on but unfortunately Sara was asked to leave .Tears like the waves of the sea poured endlessly. She cursed herself for being so absent minded , and sank into a corner of the green room with her head tucked protectively between her knees. Her phone was on constant buzz, flooded with whatsapp messages . Nothing seemed to matter, after a few minutes of self soothing she looked up her messages , nothing particularly striking and turned off all notifications, she felt she deserved none of the good wishes. She began to pack up and made her way to the door and silently slipped out.

Sara spent the next six months wondering how she could do better , remain calm under pressure. All was not lost, in fact the studio had sent her a recording of her performance, on the contrary she liked what she saw. Sara enjoyed this period of solitude she decided to experiment further,using the literature of dance she started to create miniature routines . She started to enjoy this process , carefully she weaved a story out of them. The routines were now part of a brand new choreography. Her pet project was being infused with life.

Her new project was met with formidable resistance . She decided that she would go ahead and produce a show on her own. She hired few young and enthusiastic girls who were in their final year of dance major. They were taught the routine . The girls enjoyed being part of this avant garde project. Sara now presented her piece to a limited audience. The show received mixed responses . Sara nevertheless diligently laboured on. Finances were tight and Sara worried about the lack of audience, finally she decided to reach out to her former dance teacher . Sara sent him a recording and asked for feedback. Her dance teacher was overjoyed and decided that all she needed was a little pizazz. Her routine had character but lacked depth. She worked along with her dance teacher , they added more meaningful stops, emotive movements and some strong signature moves keeping the original structure of the choreography intact.Needless to say, this piece was now well received by the audience.

Sara was hailed an avant garde artist , a dancer with a modern sense of choreography rooted in technique.

"Creativity takes courage"_ Henri Matisse